Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Latest for Android (Updated)

Garena Free Fire is an excellent battle royale game. You can play this game on your mobile, iOS, and computer. This game is loved all around the world. If you search for its download on the Play Store, there are millions of downloads. In addition, it has very good reviews on the Play Store. This game is played with a lot of enthusiasm in many countries around the world. There are millions of users who play this game on a daily basis. Governments in many countries are also organizing tournaments for this game. The winners of these tournaments are given very good prizes. Moreover, many people are making thousands of dollars by creating Facebook and YouTube channels on this game.


Game Garena Free Fire Mod Apk
Get it Google Play
Features of game Unlocked Everything
Current Version 1.97.1
File Size 798.71 MB
Cost Free
Official APK size 55 + 549 MB
Developer Garena International I
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When a game is so popular, there can be privacy issues. However, this game is relatively safe in this regard. Nevertheless, some people have created a modified version of this game, which makes it easy for them to become top players.

This game is as difficult as it is popular. It is not child’s play. To learn this game properly, you will have to use a lot of time. I myself play this game on my mobile sometimes, and I find it very challenging. Therefore, in my opinion, to become a pro in this game, you need to work very hard.

I used to play this game with my three friends, and all three of us worked very hard, but we could not become pro players yet. We were only able to get excited by killing a few bots, but they were not real players. Whenever we faced a real player, we would lose. All these things are mentioned to tell you that you need to work very hard to learn this game properly.

Seeing the difficulty of this game, some developers have created a modified version of this game. This modified version has many features that you can enjoy. I have mentioned all these features below, and if you want, you can read them.


Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Features

There are some amazing features in the Garena Free Fire mod that I will mention. Some of these features are modified specifically to make you a pro player. So let’s start.

Unlimited diamonds

I have placed unlimited diamonds first in this game because they are very important in the game. With the help of these diamonds, you can do a lot of things. For example, you can buy characters and then upgrade them. You are also given weapons in the game which you can upgrade as well as change their skins with the help of these diamonds.


In this modified version of the game, you will get to unlock different weapons which you can use without any tension. You don’t need to pay any money to use these weapons. You can also use your favorite skins on these weapons. I previously mentioned that my friends and I used to play this game together. Whenever we encountered someone with a colorful gun, we would run away because we knew that they were a pro player. This shows that the color of your weapons can give others the idea that you are a pro player.

Unlocked characters

In the modified version, you will get many characters unlocked. You can use your preferred character and change their clothes. My friend who loved to play this game always liked the vector character. That’s why he always selected vector. If you also have a character you like, you can choose it too.

Aim bot

Aim bot is a fantastic feature. With this feature, you can aim and shoot anyone with your gun. All you have to do is point your gun at the enemy and click the fire button. The bullet will automatically hit your enemy, and your enemy will die. We all know how challenging it is to kill enemies in this game. When my friend and I played the free fire mod apk, every time we encountered an enemy, they killed us before we even knew where they were. That’s why the developer made this feature with a lot of effort so that you can kill your enemies with ease.

Unlimited shells

In Garena Free Fire mod, you will get unlimited shells. Later, you can use these shells wherever you want.

Unlimited skins

In this version, you can use your favorite skins. As we know, we have to buy skins and we cannot use them for free. But in this version, you can use them completely for free.

Unlimited health

Unlimited health is a feature that I really like. When we used to play this game with friends, whenever a pro player attacked us, our health would suddenly be depleted and we would die. To solve this problem, we have made some changes in this version so that when any enemy attacks us, our health will not be affected. This simply means that we will not die.


Can we play greena free fire mod apk on our PC?
Yes, you can play this game on your PC. This game is available for Android IOS and pC.
Is greena free fire safe from all types of viruses?
Yes this game is totally safe from everywhere malware. You can play it without any hesitation.


I would like to tell all my friends in the end that if they want to become a pro player within the Greena Free Fire Mod APK, then they should definitely try playing this modified version at least once. I assure you all that you will really enjoy this version a lot.

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