Games That will sharp your mind and make you smarter


Today i am going to share some games that will make your brain sharp and also these games will make you smart. So, lets start our article. As we know, every one is playing games and we know games aren’t just about fun. Some games can actually make us smarter. So, Let’s check these brain-boosting games that make your mind sharp and help you grow smarter.

Games that boost mind
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20 Brain-Boosting Games with short discription for better understanding:

  1. Chess: It helps you plan, think ahead, and make smart decisions.
  2. Go: You learn to plan ahead and outsmart your opponent.
  3. Sudoku: It makes you think logically and solve puzzles.
  4. Crosswords: You expand your vocabulary and solve tricky clues.
  5. Word searches: You improve your focus and find hidden words.
  6. Scrabble: You build words strategically and learn new ones.
  7. Boggle: It helps you think fast and find words quickly.
  8. Codenames: You work with a team and solve tricky clues together.
  9. Bananagrams: You race to build words and think on your feet.
  10. Set: You find patterns and think logically to match cards.
  11. KenKen: It combines math and logic to solve puzzles.
  12. The Witness: You solve puzzles and use your observation skills.
  13. Portal: It challenges you to think creatively and solve puzzles.
  14. Monument Valley: You navigate through optical illusions and solve puzzles.
  15. The Room: You solve mysteries and tricky puzzles.
  16. Professor Layton: You solve mysteries and puzzles with logic.
  17. Baba is You: You change the rules and think outside the box.
  18. Tetris Effect: You place blocks strategically and clear lines.
  19. Brain Age: It tests your memory and concentration skills.
  20. Lumosity: It offers a variety of brain-training games for different skills.

Brain Training Games

How Games Make Us Smarter:

Playing these challenging games helps our brain in many ways. Like in games we Plan strategies, solve puzzles, and adapt to different situations that make our brain stronger. Plus, when we succeed in a game, our brain releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine, which makes us want to keep learning and trying new things.

But remember, not all games are equally challenging. It’s best to pick games that are a bit tricky but not too frustrating. And trying different types of games can help us learn new skills and ways of thinking. So, keep playing regularly to keep your brain sharp!

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Other Ways to Boost our Brain:

Not only games help us to boost, there are other activities that can help our brain to grow:

  • Learning a new language: You can expand your vocabulary and learn about different cultures.
  • Playing a musical instrument: It helps with coordination and creativity.
  • Reading challenging books: You can learn new things and think critically.
  • Trying new hobbies: Activities like painting or woodworking challenge your brain in different ways.
  • Being social: Talking to others and sharing ideas can keep your brain active and healthy.


Playing brain-boosting games is a fun way to get smarter. By challenging yourself with these games and trying other activities that stimulate your brain, you can unlock your full potential and enjoy a lifetime of learning and discovery. So, keep playing, keep learning, and keep growing smarter every day!


Are games bad for you if you play them too much?

Yes, Playing games too much can affect your sleep and social life. It’s important to balance gaming with other activities.

Can games help older people keep their brains sharp?

Yes, in some studies suggest that brain-training games can help older adults maintain their cognitive function, but it’s best to ask a doctor for advice.

Are there games that are good for kids?

Yes, there are many educational games designed for kids that help them learn and grow while having fun

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