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Looking to improve your eating habits? 4 easy eating habits to start

I want to improve my eating habits for reasons such as health management and weight management, but I do not know what kind of method is effective. I want to know how to improve my eating habits that can be easily practiced-I think there are many people who have such troubles with their daily meals.

Dietary habits can be improved by reviewing the “quality” of what foods are cooked and how they are eaten, and the “quantity” of eating at an appropriate volume.
So this time, we will introduce you to simple habits that will help you improve your eating habits, ideal eating habits, and more.

What are the eating habits to watch out for?

In order to improve your eating habits, it is important to review your current eating habits based on the eating habits you should avoid.
First of all, let’s look back on your usual meals to see if you have any of the following eating habits.

・Eating the same thing every day
・Not enough vegetables
・Frequently eating and drinking sweets and

In particular, excessive intake of sweets and alcohol, and overeating and overeating to relieve stress puts a heavy burden on the stomach and intestines and increases health risks. It is important to improve your eating habits while trying to relieve stress by means other than eating.

What is your ideal diet?

Now that you know which eating habits to change, here’s what your ideal diet should look like. In order to improve your eating habits, you should be conscious of the following three points.

Balanced nutrition

A nutritionally balanced diet consists of carbohydrates that contain the energy necessary to move the body, proteins that are essential for building the body, lipids that are used as an energy source and materials for cell membranes, and nutrients that maintain the normal functioning of the human body. It refers to a diet in which nutrients such as vitamins can be taken evenly from a variety of foods.
A diet with an unbalanced amount of nutrients prevents proper metabolism in the body, so the ideal diet is one in which the required daily intake of each nutrient is maintained.

Prepare staple food, main dish, and side dish

A diet with a well-balanced energy and nutrition consists of rice and other cereal grains as a staple food, protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, and soybeans as main dishes, and vegetables and mushrooms that contain vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. , The point is that it is a menu that can take various nutrients from “side dishes” such as seaweed.

When adding soup, choosing foods that are not used as a staple food, main dish, or side dish will further improve the nutritional balance.
Here, we introduce examples of staple foods, main dishes, side dishes, and soups that are conscious of nutritional balance.

<Example 1>
・Staple food: Polished rice
・Main dish: Ginger-grilled pork loin
・Side dish: Boiled Japanese mustard spinach
・Soup: Silken tofu and seaweed miso soup

<Example 2>
・Main dish: Pasta with tomato sauce
・Main dish: Sauteed chicken breast
・Side dish: Marinated paprika
・Soup: Bacon and chickpea soup

Eat only 80% of your stomach

The standard for the eighth half of the stomach is the volume that makes you feel like you want to eat a little more. Slowly chewing and eating the eighth half of your stomach stimulates the satiety center, prevents overeating, and helps control your energy intake.

4 habits you want to practice to improve your eating habits

Here are four habits you can do to improve your eating habits. If you want to improve your eating habits but don’t know where to start, please try it.

1 Choose cooking methods that reduce fat

Fat is an important nutrient as an energy source, but if you only eat deep-fried or stir-fried foods that use a lot of oil, you will consume more fat, which can lead to an overdose. For energy control, choose boiled or steamed dishes that use as little oil as possible.
In particular, the cooking methods of “steaming” and “boiling” do not use oil and “remove the fat contained in the meat”, so it is recommended when you want to eat something light.

2 Hard vegetables are easier to eat when simmered rather than raw

Hard vegetables are recommended to be boiled rather than raw. Cooking it makes it softer and easier to eat, and puts less strain on the stomach and intestines during digestion. It would be better if it was “cut into pieces and cooked”.

3 Get protein from a variety of foods

There are many foods that contain protein, such as: Proteins have different shapes and functions depending on the combination, type, and amount of amino acids, so it is effective to combine multiple types.

<Major foods containing protein>
・Meat: beef, pork, chicken, etc.
・Seafood: tuna, clams, squid, etc.
・Foods made from soybeans: tofu, natto, etc. ・
・Dairy products: milk, cheese, etc.
Combining several of the above protein sources in your diet will provide a wide range of other nutrients. It is also recommended to take different protein sources in the morning, noon and night.

4 Adjust the salt content by making use of the soup stock and spices.

For your health, you need to be careful not to take too much salt. Let’s make good use of seasonings that do not contain salts, such as soup stock, spices, and vinegar, and try to eat delicious and healthy.

Two eating habits that will further improve your eating habits

Once you get used to the basics of improving your eating habits, try the following two habits. You can reduce the burden on your stomach and intestines by how you eat and how you spend your time after meals.

1 Avoid overeating or eating too fast

Be careful not to eat too much. Also, since eating quickly puts a heavy burden on the stomach and intestines, it is important to take your time and eat slowly as much as possible.
Even if the amount is small, chewing well stimulates the satiety center and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Additionally, chewing well can help you eat slowly.

2 Take a break for 30 minutes after eating

Do not do desk work, heavy lifting, housework, bathing, etc. immediately after eating, and take a break for 30 minutes.

Home-delivery bento options are also available for improving eating habits

Some people want to improve their eating habits, but find it difficult to cook for themselves every meal, or find it troublesome to come up with their own menus. In such a case, using a home delivery bento service that allows you to easily get a nutritionally balanced meal is one way.

For example, with Nichirei Foods Direct’s “Kikubari Gozen Trial Set of 4 Meals” , you can eat a menu supervised by a registered dietician, so you can naturally balance your nutrition and control your energy intake.
It’s important to improve your eating habits in a way that is easy to practice.

Review your current eating habits and improve your eating habits!

In order to improve your eating habits, review your current eating habits, such as what nutrients are lacking, are there any nutrients you are overdosing, and whether the amount of food you eat and the cooking method are appropriate. is essential.
Let’s find out the points that can be improved and incorporate it from the method that can be easily practiced.

Please see the following page for the Kikubari Gozen Trial 4 Meals Set.

What are the eating habits to watch out for?
 It is necessary to pay attention to eating habits such as eating the same thing every day, lacking vegetables, eating and drinking sweets and alcohol often, and tending to overeat.
 What are your habits for improving your eating habits?
 Try to choose a cooking method that reduces fat, boil hard vegetables and eat them, get protein from various foods, and adjust the salt content with dashi soup and spices.


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