Indrive app for Android (Features, Updated 2023)

The Indrive app is operating in many cities of Pakistan and it is a very good app. If you need to go somewhere, all you have to do is install this app on your mobile phone and then enter the address of the place you want to go. Additionally, within the app, you can also set your preferred fare. Once you do this, the available riders will send you offers, and then it’s up to you to select the one you want. After you select a rider, they will send you an SMS and come to your specified location. The riders of this app are very good and cooperative, which makes it safe for you to use. The app is also very safe because it has the data of every rider, making sure that your ride is secure.


App Indrive
Get it from Google Play
Features Drive safely
Current Version
Android 7.0 and Above
Size 43.1MB
Updated on 10 March 2023
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User-friendly interface

This app has a user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to use. All you need to do is get the app, open it, and search for where you want to go. Once you do that, a rider will be available to take you to your destination and charge you for the ride.

Safe courier

If you want to send your goods from one place to another, you can use this app for a safe and secure courier service. This app is very safe and will transport your courier with utmost care and security to the desired location. So, you can not only use this app to travel from one place to another but also to send your courier from one place to another.

Large vehicle

Apart from bikes, if you have more luggage or more people, you can also use large vehicles like rickshaws and cars to get to your destination easily. If you do not ride a bike or rickshaw, there will only be a difference in the price. However, you will still get a high-quality service.


Choose the driver of your choice

In Indrive, you can choose any driver of your choice. When you book a driver, you can check important things like their ratings and reviews. You can see how many people they have safely transported before and what they have said about their experience with the driver. If the reviews are good, it means that the driver is good. However, if the reviews are not good, it is better to choose another driver. There are many drivers available on Indrive, and you can check the profiles of bad review drivers too. Sometimes, they are also good drivers. But, it is better to prefer drivers with good reviews when sending your courier.

Add extra things to SMS

You also have the option to add extra things to the SMS. If you have extra luggage, you can inform the driver in advance through SMS. For example, you can tell the driver that you have a pet with you, and they will be prepared to accommodate it. Then, you can both agree on the fare and accept the offer.

Become a driver in the Indrive app

If you want to work with Indrive, you can also become a driver by registering with the app. If you have a car or bike, you can easily register and start earning money through the app. The registration process is very simple. However, it is necessary to have a driving license, which is mandatory for all drivers. If you have any questions regarding Indrive, you can always ask me, and I will provide you with all the information I have.

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