What are some good tips for playing Reinhardt?

What are some good tips for playing Reinhardt

Reinhardt, the strong German hero in Overwatch, is like a tank on the battlefield. He’s a tough guy with a big heart, leading the charge to protect his team and crush the enemy. But to really master this giant hero, you need more than just shouting “Come on, team!” This guide, inspired by top Reinhardt experts, spills the secrets to ruling the battlefield and bringing victory to your teammates.

  1. Be the Unbreakable Shield:

 Take Care of Your Shield: Protect your team and watch your shield’s health. Don’t just stand there holding it; switch between blocking and recharging to make it work better.

 Use Corners Smartly: Hide behind corners and move forward carefully to protect your shield.

 Jump Shield Hop: Jump while holding your shield to move quickly and surprise your enemies.

  1. Swing Hammer of Justice:

 Hit Hard with Your Hammer: Reinhardt’s hammer is powerful! Use strong swings to knock out weaker enemies and throw fire strikes to hit faraway foes.

 Combine Moves: Mix fire strikes with hammer swings for extra reach and strong damage.

 Watch Your Surroundings: Break walls to create shortcuts and surprise enemies.

  1. Pin Point Perfection:

 Charge Carefully: Use your charge move to disrupt enemies, catch important targets, or escape tricky situations.

 Use the Environment: Charge into walls to stop your charge early, avoiding trouble or too much attention.

 Trick Your Enemies: Fake charges to make enemies waste their moves or lead them into traps before doing a real charge.

  1. Shatter Expectations:

 Perfect Earthshatter Timing: Use Earthshatter at the right time to catch grouped enemies, block enemy moves, or get important picks.

 Fake It Till You Make It: Pretend to use Earthshatter to trick enemies and mess up their positions.

 Combo Moves: Combine Earthshatter with teammate moves like Zarya’s Graviton Surge for strong teamwork.

  1. Lead from the Front:

 Talk with Your Team: Work with your team, call out targets, and guide your friends during attacks and retreats.

 Be Inspiring: Lead by showing courage, stay positive, and motivate your team with good communication.

 Understand Your Team’s Needs: Change how you play based on what’s happening. Be aggressive when you need to, but protect your team more than trying to be a hero.

  1. Mastering the Matchups:

 Against Orisa: Handle shield battles well, don’t waste your charges, and look for chances to pin or use Earthshatter.

 Facing Winston: Make him jump around, disrupt his big moves with Earthshatter, and avoid fighting him up close unless you have backup.

 Dealing with Roadhog: Watch out for his hooks, use corners to hide, and team up with others to take him down.

  1. Beyond the Basics:

 Smart Fire Strikes: Learn to throw fire strikes around corners and over obstacles to hit enemies who don’t see it coming.

 Jump Canceling: Stop your jumps and swings quickly for faster moves and surprise attacks.

 Shield Dance: Move your shield back and forth fast to block enemy shots and confuse them.

  1. Where to Learn More:

 Watch the Pros: See how top Reinhardt players like Emre “Kellex” Sahin and Seo “Gesture” Min-su play. Watch where they stand, what choices they make, and how they use advanced techniques.

 Check Community Guides: Read guides and tips by experienced Reinhardt players like SupTF and KarQ for extra advice and strategies.

 Practice a Lot: Play regularly, try different tactics, and learn from your mistakes to keep getting better.


Reinhardt is not just a shield and a hammer; he’s the heart of a team. By getting really good with him, understanding his weak points, and leading your team well, you can be an unstoppable force on the battlefield, leading your team to big victories. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here – keep learning, adapting, and facing every challenge!


What to do if my shield breaks?

Find cover, go to a safe spot, or use teammates’ shields until yours comes back.

When should I use Fire Strike?

Use it to hit far enemies, mess up enemy plans, or finish off weak enemies.

How to deal with fast heroes like Genji or Tracer?

Work with your team to focus on them, use your hammer to scare them off, and be careful with where you stand.

May your charges always hit, your swings be quick, and your Earthshatters epic!

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