NatureID- Plant Identifier App for Android

NatureID- Plant Identifier App is an application that allows you to identify the name of any plant you have in your hand, absolutely free. The developers of this app have made it so that you can easily know the name of the plant you are holding in your hand or in your garden. Additionally, you can also find out which family the plant belongs to and you can check diseases if any plant have. If you work in a field where you need this type of information, you should get the NatureID- Plant Identifier app for free on your mobile phone.

NatureID- Plant Identifier App

NatureID- Plant Identifier App is a very useful application that allows you to look up the names of all kinds of plants and weeds. As someone who is involved in agriculture, I have seen many plants and weeds that I did not know the names of. This was a big problem for me, but with this app I can now identify them.

However, when I used the app, I realized that it needs a lot of improvement as sometimes the names of the herbs and plants it provides are wrong. So, if you use this app, don’t rely entirely on its data. Instead, contact with a expert also to confirm the name of any weed or plant. First, search for the plant in the app, and when it gives you a name, match it with Google Images. If the pictures match your weed, it means the app has given you the right information. If not, it means the app didn’t give you the right name. So it is important to ask an expert to know the name of any weed or plant.

I know that an app that can tell us the names of plants and herbs is very beneficial for agriculture-related fields. With an app like this, you don’t need to ask anyone for the name of the plant. After knowing the name of plant, you can read all about it in books or Google.

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No ads

Ads are placed in the original version of the Nature ID Plant Identifier app. This can be very annoying for users who cannot remove them. So, I have removed all popup ads from the app, but some ads still remain. It is known that the developer of this app earns only from these ads, so removing all ads is not a good idea.

No limit

A limit was imposed on the Nature ID plant identifier app, which means that after checking 2-3 plant names the app will notify the user that their limit has been reached. It will then suggest that the user either buy the app or wait until the next day. However, not everyone can afford to buy an app, nor can they wait until the next day to check more plants. So, I’ve removed the limit from within the app, allowing users to check as many plants as they want. You can now install the Nature ID Plant Identifier app on your mobile device. You can also use it on iOS operating systems from their app store.

Final thoughts

Nature ID Plant Identifier App is the best application to check the names of plants and herbs. However, please keep in mind all the things I mentioned earlier. If you have any problem with NatureID Plant Identifier App, you can contact me for help.

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