Top 10 Android open-world games similar to GTA

Nowadays open world games are becoming very popular due to their action and features. The Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games is an exemplary open-world game. Every person loves to play this game. In the early days, it is not available on Andriod due to hardware limitations, but now these types of great games are available. Beauce of their popularity today I am sharing open-world Android games that are similar to GTA:

The Grand Wars: San Andreas

The Grand Wars: San Andreas is the first game on my list. Because it is an excellent option for those who love GTA: San Andreas. It has easy controls, with action buttons on the right side of the screen and a virtual d-pad on the left. To win this game, you have to eliminate all the gangs on each level of the game. The game offers a vast range of weapons and stunning 3D graphics. All of these things make this make the best option.

The Grand Wars: San Andreas

MadOut2 Big City

I love this game personally and play it on daily basis. So, try this game once in your life. The game is set in trendy Eastern European surroundings and provides a fantastic action experience as players strive to become true gangsters. MadOut2 Big City has an open-world environment that allows you to explore the world of a post-Soviet thug. Ready yourself to traverse the globe in magnificent automobiles!

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Gangstar New Orleans

The third game on my list is Gangstar New Orleans. Gangstar New Orleans is a typical Gameloft game with a huge number of maps having various fascinating surprises. The game offers new missions with exciting storylines while controlling a wide range of automobiles, employing a variety of deadly armaments, and driving them. You can attack numerous gangs while fighting.

Gangstar New Orleans – Apps on Google Play

Payback 2

The game Payback 2 provides the most intense and absorbing action experience, involving tank battles, high-speed helicopter racing, and big gang confrontations. In “custom mode,” you can design your own events. With more than fifty distinct campaign events in the game, In the awesome game, you can compete against your friends in global rankings or take part in the most current events! All these things make this game the best.

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Real Gangster Crime

The Real Gangster Crime blends completely similarly to the GTA game. It is a role-playing game that comes with action with an innovative third-person 3D vision. That makes this make an interesting option to play. In the game, you get the experience of street gang fighting, embark on hazardous missions across the big city, and eventually ascend to the position of the most powerful mafia. Get ready to construct a large underground empire while navigating a perilous region.

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Mission: Berlin

It is an amazing game in which you get full action. The game is role-playing. You can pick between two separate main characters and freely wander by foot or vehicle around a big city. Each character has various talents, including stealth. You can operate heavy weapons like machine guns, rifles, and laser cutters in the game. Ultimately, you can compete with your mates in multiplayer mode. This game is available in offline and online modes.

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Gangstar Vegas

The game Gangstar Vegas is based on the city Las Vegas, where your aim is to become a gang boss. you must remove antagonistic mafia organizations along the way while free-roaming an open area. The game offers new objectives with each update and season, coupled with fascinating online events. There are various current automobiles, chores, and armaments waiting for you to uncover! But it is too difficult to play this game.

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Grand Gangsters 3D

I also pass my hours on this entertaining game. It is an exciting choice for those who adore the mythical city of San Andreas. this game is based on the city of San Andreas. You take on six different sorts of hard racing goals as they explore the dismal realm of street crime. The Game is a unique mash-up of action, shooting, and auto-racing genres. The game contains roughly 15 distinct automatic weapons and vehicle kinds, a stunning amount of goals dispersed among 4 regions of the vast city.

Gangster Town

The Gangster Town takes place in a city that is corrupted by crime. You have to fight the mafia and become the most powerful gangster in town. It is very difficult to become a powerful gangster. So, carefully you have to complete missions. The game has tons of exciting missions, weapons, and various vehicles to choose from. All these things help you to clean the city from other gangsters.

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