Shadow Fight 5 Mod Apk (Update review)

Today, I am going to talk about a fighting game name Shadow Fight 5. Earlier I told you about Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3. It is a similar game with advanced features.


Shadow Fight 5

Shadow Fight 5 is a 3D fighting game. In the beginning, you will fight low-powered enemies. Once you defeat them, you will have to fight their boss, which is a very difficult task. For this, you need good training, and just training is not enough. You also need to upgrade your sword and armor because the enemy becomes more powerful as you progress.

When an enemy attacks you, your health decreases significantly and even after you attack them three or four times, their health does not decrease. This means that the enemy is more powerful than you, and you need to upgrade your weapons and armor to defeat them. If you upgrade your weapons and armor, enemy attacks will not affect you as much, and your attacks will be more effective against them.

Bosses are very difficult to defeat. To do this, you need to use very good weapons. In this game, you are given many weapons, but you can only use some of them. This is because other weapons are locked, and you need to collect coins and gems to unlock them. You can get these coins by defeating any enemy in the game. When you defeat the boss in Shadow Fight 5, you will get a lot of coins.

However, no matter how many coins you collect, they will still be not enough to unlock good weapons. Don’t worry, there is a solution. In the game, there is a store where you can buy both coins and weapons. But if you can’t purchase it, you can get this game from my website, and you will have unlimited coins and all shadow fight 5 weapons unlocked for free because of the Mod version.

shadow fight 5

Shadow Fight 5 Features

Shadow Fight 5 is a fantastic fighting game that offers a range of great features. Some important features are listed below:


Shadow Fight 5 mod apk offers a wide selection of weapons, such as swords, bombs, guns, and more. Additionally, players can use various powers such as slowing down time within the game. Having a good collection of weapons is important to winning the game, especially when fighting bosses. Upgraded weapons are also essential to win challenging battles. Stronger shields can also help players counter enemy attacks.


The game provides various rewards in the form of parts that players can use to upgrade various things within the game.


Shadow Fight 5 offers a range of characters that players can choose from and change as they progress through the game.

Final words

Shadow Fight 5 is an excellent fighting game that offers many features that make it stand out from other games in the genre. It is recommended that players try out the game, as it is sure to be enjoyable.

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