Sketchbook Mod apk (Unlimited Layers)

Sketchbook Mod apk is an app where you can paint and draw. It is a professional-level art tool designed for designers, artists, and illustrators. The app includes canvas size, brushes, layers, and color options that help you expand your creativity.

Sketchbook apk gives you media brushes that allow you to create digital artwork that looks like it was created in real life. The app offers 150+ brushes and blending modes that enable you to customize your art.

The canvas size options in Sketchbook apk are quite versatile, allowing you to create your artwork in your preferred size. The app also provides options for managing layers, enabling you to edit your artwork anywhere.

The app provides options like color wheels, swatches, and color libraries to customize colors for your art. Using Sketchbook apk, you can export your artwork and share it on social media platforms.

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Sketchbook is a powerful digital art tool with numerous features that enable artists, designers, and illustrators to expand their creativity. Here are some of its special features:

No Ads: The most loved feature of Sketchbook is that it has no ads, which means you can work on your artwork without interruption.

Premium Version: The premium version of Sketchbook offers several advanced features that help you customize your artwork. It includes advanced features like brushes, colors, and layer options.

Brushes: Its offers natural media brushes such as oil paint, watercolor, pencil, and marker brushes that enable you to create digital artwork that looks like it was created in real life.

Layers: Sketchbook mod has several options for managing layers, allowing you to edit each layer of your artwork in different ways. It includes features such as layer masks, grouping, and blending modes.

Canvas Size Options: It offers a variety of canvas size options, allowing you to create your artwork at your preferred size. It includes default canvas sizes, custom canvas sizes, and grid options.

Color Options: It has several color options, enabling you to customize the colors for your artwork. It includes features like a color wheel, switches, and a color library.

With all these features, you can do many things to enhance your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a sketchbook?
Answer: Sketchbook is a digital art tool in which you can make your drawings awesome. The developers make this app for designers, artists, and illustrators. It has canvas size, brush, layers, and color options to help you make any art.

Q: Can we use all features of Sketchbook for free?
Answer: You can use the basic version of Sketchbook for free, but some features are included in the premium version which is more advanced and helpful for you. If you want to use all these features, you have to buy the premium version.

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