WCC2 Mod APK for Android (March Updated)

WCC2 mod APK is an excellent cricket game. This game is very popular on both Android and iOS operating systems. As we know, cricket games are very popular among fans, and the company that developed the World Cricket Championship is called Nextmedia, which is an Indian company.

Cricket is a game that is played with great passion and is very popular. Because of its popularity, many developers have created cricket games. Initially, these cricket games were not very popular because their quality graphics, sound, and controls were not very good, so these games were not played much.

But now, these games have improved a lot, and are loved by many people. WCC 2 is a game that people really love. WCC2 has millions of downloads on the Play Store, and the game has a large number of active users. If we talk about Play Store rating of WCC2 mod APK, it is also above 4.5. All these things show how much people love this game.

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wcc2 mod

WCC2 mod APK

WCC2 mod APK has many features. Often, new features are added in its updates. Recently, in its latest update, many improvements have been made to the controls, graphics, and sound quality of the game. There is an original version of WCC2 and a modified version. In the original version, many tournaments are locked, and you have to earn coins to unlock them, which is a very difficult task. But in the modified version, all tournaments are unlocked. This is the difference between the original and the modern version.


WCC2 has many features. If you want to know about all these features then read below.


I have put tournaments at the top because tournaments are the most loved feature in cricket games. You will find tournaments in WCC2 where you can participate. When you win a match, you will get rewards in the form of coins. You can use these coins to unlock player kits and tournaments.


Kits include players’ clothes, shoes, and bats. Some kits will be unlocked, but if you want to use the best ones, you’ll have to buy them.


You will be able to listen to the commentary in many languages including Urdu, Hindi, and English in this game. The voices of many famous players have been used for commentary to increase your enjoyment.


The graphics in WCC2 are excellent. You will get clear 2D graphics where you can easily see the bat and ball movement.


The controls in this game are fantastic. You can easily control the player and bowler with these controls. I loved playing this game because of the controls.


Apart from the tournament, there are many modes that you can enjoy for free. You can select your desired mode in the game. In a tournament, you can only select a certain number of overs like 10, or 20 overs. But in quick mode, you can choose the number of overs you want to play.

How to install

To install this game go to Play Store and search for “World Cricket Championship”. Click “Done” after finding the game at the top. Then click “Install”. The game will download and install in 3 to 4 minutes. After that, the option to open the game will appear. Click “Open” to start playing WCC2.

Final words

WCC2 Mod APK is a great game for cricket lovers. If you also love cricket, then you must try this game at least once.

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